Bleeding Moons interactive adventure novel

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Bleedings Moons is an interactive story borrowing Adventure Games and Visual Novel mechanics.
It revolves around the themes of fate, duty and free will.

Your actions and decisions will shape the story of the game, so that Ian's story will be your story,
with the logical consequences of your choices.


• A unique experience where your decisions will change your fate and that of the people around you.
• A mature story set in a realistic, medieval world.
• Full interactivity with the world. Look at everything and speak to everyone!
• 12 hours of gameplay on average, 15+ for the most curious.
• 170+ talking people, each with their own pictures and emotion sets, displaying a wide array of expressions.
• Mouse or keyboard control- it's your choice!
• Multiple endings that change according to your actions.
• Includes a Commentary mode with behind-the-scenes insight and extra cutscenes.
• Choose between 3 possible romances, or none at all. It's your call.
• Over 100 beautifully hand-drawn locations.
• Dynamic shadows and reflections.
• Abundant replay value, thanks to the alternate paths and the Commentary mode.

Awards Won:

*Alex d'Or - Best Game

*Alex d'Or - Public Choice
*Alex d'Or - Best Scenario
*Alex d'Or - Best Direction
*Alex d'Or - Best World/Background
*Alex d'Or - Best Story
*Alex d'Or - Best Atmosphere & Immersion